David Lammy MP Addresses NCS Students (video)

David Lammy MP Addresses NCS Students (video)

On Monday 26th January David Lammy, MP for Tottenham, addressed students studying Politics, History and Economics at The NCS.

He spoke of his career which started in Law and then moved into Politics where he became a front bencher in the former Labour Government; first as Minister of State for Culture and then Minister of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills. Throughout his address he described how he refused to let his background get in the way of where he wanted to be and wanted to achieve in life – whenever someone told him he couldn’t (for example, study at Harvard), he said he could and then did. In that vein he told our students that he would be the next Mayor of London, a position he is currently seeking to win the labour nomination for.

After detailing what he thought were the most important aspects in today’s political landscape, Mr Lammy went on to take questions from NCS students on a variety of topics that interested them and which aided their studies. You can watch the entire address below and on our Lectures podcast.

A quote from David Lammy's Lecture to NCS Students


The student view

An engaging, motivating and inspirational speech from a strong, independent leader. One of the few MPs that truly believe in working toward the best interests of the people.

– Azim


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