The UCL Quantum Workshop visits The NCS (video)

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The UCL Quantum Workshop visits The NCS (video)

On Tuesday 3rd February 2015 Dr James Millen visited The NCS to deliver a lecture on the concepts of quantum physics to NCS students studying physics and maths. As part of the talk, Dr Millen brought an academic research grade laser system with him so that students could see up close what an experiment that traps and levitates atoms looks like.

Dr Millen completed a degree in Physics at Imperial College London, finishing in 2007. He then headed to Durham University to study for a Ph.D. in Experimental Atomic Physics. He built an experiment to cool and trap atoms of Strontium, and studied giant atoms and ultra-cold plasmas. He’s currently working as a Post-Doctoral research assistant at UCL where he is studying levitated microparticles, their applications and their potential for use in the study of Quantum Mechanics.

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