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What do our students think of The NCS? Discover their views on our first two years…

We are delighted to report that our first cohort of NCS students have achieved outstanding results in their A2 exams building on the success of their AS results.

A headline figure of 96% A*-C grades (National Average 77%) and 77% A*/B grades (National Average 53%), validating the ‘Outstanding’ judgment reached by an independent external inspector commissioned by The NCS.

Approximately, 82% of our first ever cohort of students commencing University in September have secured an offer of a place at a Russell Group University and the success rate† for medicine, dentistry and subjects allied to medicine is an impressive 90%.

These results reflect the tremendous hard work, commitment and dedication of our remarkable students.  We are also hugely indebted to the talented, highly supportive and caring NCS teachers without whom these results would not have been possible, as well as colleagues from our Partner Schools, our strategic partner UCL and the Local Authority for their continued commitment and support.

Below you will find some additional statistics which demonstrate the outstanding learning and teaching that takes place at the NCS.


% A*-C Grades

NCS A*-C Grades 20160%

National Average A*-C Grades 20160%


% A*-B Grades

NCS A*-B Grades 20160%

National Average A*-B Grades 20160%

View students achieving top grades

Bilal Saleem Mathematics A*, Chemistry A*, Biology A*

Indre Marciulynaite Chemistry A*Biology A*Mathematics A*

Aisha Nekiwala Religious Studies A*Psychology A*Politics A*

Bharghavi Damodharan Economics A*Mathematics A*Further Mathematics A

Nadia Lamaina Mathematics A*Further Mathematics A*Physics A

Abdul Latif Economics A*Biology A*Mathematics A

Yasin Musse Chemistry A*Mathematics A*Biology A*Physics A

Aisha Mohiuddin Psychology A*English Literature APolitics A

Faiza Naeem Psychology A*Economics AMathematics A

Umar Al – Haddad Biology A*Mathematics AChemistry A

Saketha Atputhachelvam Mathematics A*Further Mathematics AReligious Studies A

Pawan Gurung Mathematics A*Further Mathematics AChemistry A

Mojiba Khanum Biology A*Mathematics AChemistry A

Katrina Colleemalay Politics A*English Literature A*Economics B

Maira Khan Economics A*Psychology A*English Literature A

Hafsa Khatun Mathematics A*Biology A*Chemistry A

Amna Kheri Biology A*Mathematics A*Religious Studies A*Chemistry A

Maaz Valli Mathematics A*Further Mathematics ABiology A

Paul Yalipendi Mathematics A*Chemistry ABiology A

Tayyiba Dudhwala Biology A*Chemistry ABiology A

Jeba Maliha Economics A*English Literature A*Mathematics AFurther Mathematics B

Zereena Arshad English Literature AHistory APolitics A

Samiya Malik History AEconomics APsychology A

Kaleem Butt English Literature A*Religious Studies A*Psychology B

Aashana Jethmalani Biology A*English Literature A*Chemisty B

Muhammed Ali Economics A*Mathematics AChemistry B

Redah Al Nashed Mathematics A*, Biology A, Chemistry B

Afsan Ahmed Biology A*Psychology AMathematics B

Kiesha Gardner Mathematics A*Further Mathematics AEconomics B

Ariful Haque Mathematics A*Economics APolitics B

Vithu Kugarajah Biology A*Mathematics AChemistry B

View University destinations
Student University
Zereena Arshad Oxford University
Aashana Jethmalani St George’s, University of London
Abdul Latif Warwick
Afsan Ahmed Imperial University
Aisha Mohiuddin King’s College London
Aisha Nekiwala QMW
Amna Kheri UCL
Ariful Haque Manchester
Bharghavi Damodharan UCL
Bilal Saleem QMW
Faiza Naeem London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Hafsa Khatun UCL
Indre Marciulynaite QMW
Jeba Maliha London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Kaleem Butt UCL
Katrina Colleemalay London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Kiesha Gardner London School of Economics (LSE)
Maira Khan UCL
Mojiba Khanum UCL
Muhammed Ali London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Nadia Lamaina Warwick
Paul Yalipendi QMW
Pawan Gurung Exeter
Redah Al Nashed QMW
Saketha Atputhachelvam UCL
Samiya Malik London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE)
Tayyiba Dudhwala QMW
Umar Al – Haddad Newcastle University
Vithu Kugarajah UCL
Yasin Musse QMW

Highlighted Students

These results are extremely important to us, our students and their families as they will allow our students to access the best universities in this country and abroad. However, our outstanding A2 results are only a part of the individual and personal journey of our talented NCS students. Below we’ve highlighted a few individual stories for you that demonstrate the positive changes that NCS is making to the lives of those in Newham and our surrounding boroughs.


Zereena joined us from Forest Gate Community School with GCSE results of 2 A* / 3 A / 5 B / 1 C. We quickly spotted Zereena’s talents for History and Politics and helped to shape and nurture her skills in the area which earned her a strong set of AS level results. During her time with us she’s carried out work experience at the House of Commons, attended numerous lectures and even grilled our guest speakers on complex issues of our times. “My teachers have definitely helped me the most in pushing me to achieve my dreams. I didn’t think I’d get an offer from Oxford University, I didn’t think I’d achieve the grades I did. I didn’t think I had it in me. The motivation, encouragement and support from the teachers really pushed me to be what I thought I couldn’t be.”


Amna joined us from Little Ilford School with an impressive set of GCSE results clear in her mind that she wanted to study medicine at a Russell Group university. Amna has been one of the shining star of our Year 13 cohort not only excelling at her own studies but more importantly being a pillar of support for other students in the year group. It is her desire to want for others just as much as she wants for herself which makes Amna stand out from an impressive crowd. Amna has accepted a place at UCL to study medicine and fulfil her dream of becoming a world renowned surgeon, and as we bid farewell to her we will continue to track her progress with interest.


Daniella joined us from Lister with GCSE results of 2 A* / 8 A / 2 B / 1 C. On the day she enrolled she told us that her dream was to work for KPMG. With help and support from NCS teachers she gained confidence and earned herself four A grades at AS level. With mentoring from NCS Ambassador Adam Bharucha who works for KPMG, Daniella celebrated and accepted an offer to join KPMG on their school leavers programme. This prestigious scheme will see her mix University studies with vocational work for the company, with all fees and accommodation paid for and a wage of £21k. As she herself says, “this is the place that helped me to achieve my dreams.”

“The help is really individual. The help that I get from my teachers is completely different to what my partner would get. We’ve had things like the Super Curriculum where we’ve talked about classical civilisations. I’ve been able to bring that in to show that I’ve a wider general knowledge and that’s helped me get the University place that I have.”

We opened with a promise

The NCS has a clear and determined vision, to ‘inspire students to do what inspires them; empowering all to make a positive and lasting contribution to society’.  The NCS’ role is to unlock the great potential of our students by raising their level of expectation and giving them the confidence and habits of mind to perform with distinction.  We instil in our students a belief that anything is possible if they have the right work ethic and strive on a daily basis to improve both academically and personally, so that they not only gain the highest academic success but have the skills and confidence to become leaders of their professions and in society.

Outstanding Teachers

Our greatest asset are our highly skilled, caring and supportive teachers who believe strongly in The NCS vision and are dedicated to ensuring our students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century.  Our outstanding results could not be achieved without the high quality, personalised learning and teaching that takes place on a daily basis, not to mention the regular and scheduled intervention classes ensuring that no NCS student is left behind. To find out more about them please click here.

“My teachers have definitely helped the most in pushing me to achieve my dreams. I didn’t think that I’d get an offer from Oxford University, I didn’t think I’d achieve the grades I did. I didn’t think I had it in me. The motivation, encouragement and support from the teachers really pushed me to be what I thought I couldn’t be. I feel like I’ve really become the person I want to be in the future.”

The NCS Emerging Talent Programme

With our strong links to high profile multinational companies and industry experts, the Emerging Talent Programme has been created to give NCS students an insight into the career they have decided to pursue. It has been designed in conjunction with industry/academic experts ensuring it is relevant, cutting edge and challenging.

The programme has been designed to expose NCS students to the skills and knowledge required so that they are in a better position to compete for a place at a competitive university or high profile internship. It provides students with career insight days, relevant industry placements, mentoring from industry experts and assistance from our very own NCS Ambassadors. The key areas it focuses on are Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry.  We are currently looking to add to our suite of practice areas given the success of the programme to date.

Over the summer months our students have been on some unique all expenses paid trips as part of our programme. You can read about some of these experiences below:

“The Emerging Talent Programme is an innovation that definitely helps further our ambition to get into our chosen field. I did the science programme and that catered to my need of helping me decide if I’d be better in a research or practical environment.”

Working directly with industry

With this mindset instilled and the skills imbued, we open the doors directly to the industries and professions that our students wish to progress into. Workshops with multinational companies are a regular occurrence at The NCS. Students have visited the headquarters of KPMG, Barclays, CMS Cameron McKenna (Law), Accenture, White and Case LLP, to name a few. Those looking to progress into the medical and dentistry profession have had week long work placements at Barts and The London hospitals and within King’s College. These workshops not only give an insight into the world of work, but also build upon the vital presentation and soft skills that we as an institution feel are vital to prepare students to be successful citizens of the world.

Below are some of the organisations that NCS works with on workshops, skills development & industry placements

“Since Year 10 I’ve always known that I wanted to work for KPMG, that was my one and only goal. Having attained it, it still feels kind of unreal. Out of tens of thousands of applicants [for the school leaver programme] only around 90 people get a place. This is the place where my dreams really started and this is the place that helped me to achieve those dreams.


The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students as part of our promise to provide students with a holistic and well-rounded education. Our students are routinely exposed to the latest thinking and discourse from a range of different areas, ranging from political philosophy to science of the brain. Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons, giving them a depth and breadth of knowledge beyond A level studies.

To date we’ve welcomed high profile politicians such as Ed Miliband, Sir Vince Cable and Natalie Bennett who’ve given NCS students unique insights into recent events and engaged with them on areas of their own interests and studies. Science students were recently tested on the importance of science literacy by Lord Robert Winston and inspired to explore engineering and mathematics by Andy Green.

We also facilitate lectures by leading professors and those doing interesting work in industries from banking, to journalism. All of them giving an insight into top level academia and ideas to set the mind alight.

The Student’s view on the NCS Lecture Programme

“An engaging, motivating and inspirational speech from a strong, independent leader.”
“It was a pleasure to meet a high profile politician who enabled me to widen my knowledge in this subject area.``
“The NCS has a really good lecture programme and in my personal statement I remember that I used a quote that Owen Jones mentioned in his speech when he visited. It made me feel really unique because I knew he hadn’t said that speech anywhere else. It was a unique part of Owen Jones that I had in my application that highlighted me as a candidate.”

The UCL/NCS Strategic Partnership

To have a strategic partnership with a leading Russel Group University such as UCL provides unparalleled opportunities for students and staff at the NCS. Students are privileged to be able to attend exclusive master classes on subject specific topics/areas that afford them a different perspective on their A level studies greatly enhancing their UCAS application. UCL work in close collaboration with NCS to ensure that A level students are well prepared for study at undergraduate level and these skills are embedded into our curriculum to ease transition from KS5 to undergraduate level. In tandem with UCL academics, NCS staff discuss and share good practice on matters relating to A level study and higher education provision and NCS staff benefit from the latest academic developments augmenting their classroom practice.

“Every single step of the way there was assistance and guidance from The NCS… Thank you so much. I’m so grateful.”

Below are some of the testimonials on both our work and students from current industry and social leaders.

In our first two years, The NCS has facilitated:



It has been a real privilege for everyone involved with The NCS to be able to attract some high profile and world renowned academics & personalities to The NCS from Lord Mervyn King (ex-Governor of the Bank of England) to Vince Cable (Former Business Secretary in the 2010-15 Coalition Government) and many others, exposing our students to contemporary thoughts, ideas and opinions from the world of politics/economics to the sciences.

You can view our lecture programme on iTunes by clicking here



The NCS provides work placements and experiences with some of the leading companies in the UK due to the extensive contact list we have.  We guarantee our prospective medicine students (providing they have the grade profile) a work placement either shadowing consultants at leading London Hospitals or in GP surgeries.  Our politics students have visited the European Parliament, viewed senate proceedings in Washington and seen the chambers of the United Nations in New York. Our science students have worked on a unique science project, spending two weeks collaborating in Japan. This summer we sent two students for our first overseas work placement – a week in Abu Dhabi working for White and Case LLP. However, our reach does not stop here, we have successfully arranged for many of our students to be given work related experiences in many fields fulfilling our commitment to them when they joined us.



Attaining outstanding A levels is no longer enough and it’s important that students develop and enhance their personal, ‘soft’ skills to give them a competitive advantage when it comes to interviews or public speaking.  Our soft skills programme is designed in conjunction with, and delivered by high profile companies from a wide range of industry sectors.

We also believe that our students can be taught industry specific concepts and ideas well before they join their chosen profession.  NCS students routinely have an opportunity to hear from experts in their field and grapple with some of the ‘big ideas’ well before it’s expected of them.

Disclaimer: All grade % stated are provisional figures which may change subject to examination queries

†No. of offers received for medicine/dentistry/subjects allied to medicine divided by No. of applications for medicine/dentistry/subjects allied to medicine