The NCS is helping students to define their futures with an incredible set of A Level results.

We are delighted to report that our second cohort have built on the success of our previous students’ achievements with an incredible set of A Level results. Their hard work and commitment along with the dedication and support of our specialist A Level teachers demonstrates the outstanding learning and teaching that takes place at The NCS.

A headline figure of 88% A* / B grades (National average 53%) and 99% A*-C grades (National average 77%) validates the ‘Outstanding’ judgement reached by a team of Ofsted inspectors who visited The NCS in 2016 and places us in the Top 15 A Level providers (including grammar schools) in the UK.

This year’s cohort will see 1 student moving to the USA to study at the prestigious MIT along with an incredible 9 offers for Oxbridge, 39 offers for either Medicine or Dentistry and 95% of students receiving an offer to study at a Russell Group University next year. In addition, 5 students have offers for the KPMG School Leaver Programme or the PwC Flying Start Programme, offering bespoke internships, training and grants that will cover further education costs.

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With these results we believe that NCS students are defining their futures by continuing their studies on some of the best courses and work placements in the world, putting each onto a path to success in their chosen careers and sectors.

We’d like to tell you some of their stories. Keep scrolling down to watch their videos.

A2 Student Stories

“We had Oxbridge sessions from September. I remember coming out of every session thinking ‘My brain has been blown!’ I felt so intellectually exhausted! But it was all good, it meant that I had been pushed to a point where I had to challenge my own views and defend them more importantly. There was constant prep towards getting you to think more critically.”
“I’d always thought about applying for MIT. I don’t know if I would have without the support from the principal and the support and encouragement from my teachers and friends which was really important in getting me to apply.”
“My offer at Oxford University is to study for a BA in History. I never thought of applying for Oxford, I always thought it was this fairytale goal that I could never really achieve. But the tutoring and the one to one sessions every week were really helpful in getting used to how the interviews would go at Oxford. After that it seemed a lot more attainable.”
“The teachers are good. Good in the sense that they’re great! I genuinely feel they deserve a lot of credit for the way that they help their students and look after us.”
“There’s been lots of workshops at The NCS like the surgery one, that was really cool. I came to The NCS thinking I’d just be learning the A Level specification and then sitting my exams. But you’ll see science in a different way when you see lots of different aspects of it. The last two years have really helped me decide that medicine is something that I really want to do.”
“I wanted a place that put emphasis on university preparation and ensuring that I was prepared well for my interviews. The NCS definitely provided that, especially for medicine which I applied to this year, with ample work experience in hospitals.”
“I wasn’t sure what I wanted to study, dentistry was one of the options… One of the things that attracted me to The NCS was that they guarantee you work placements given that you have the grade profile. So I spent a couple of days at a private practice and I had an amazing time. I learned a lot of things and definitely firmed my decision to apply for dentistry.”
“What’s special about The NCS is that it has moulded us into the characters that we are today and that’s something that in 20 years’ time we’ll never forget.”
“I think the past two years have definitely helped me develop an academic confidence.”
“Over the course of two years not only have I developed academically at The NCS, but one thing that NCS has helped me with is developing as a person. They helped me develop human skills, people skills; so communication and team work. Coming to The NCS gives you those opportunities that you’ve been lacking over the last few years and helps you get to your goal regardless of your background.”

Key 2017 Statistics


NCS A*-B Grades

NCS A*-B Grades 20170%

National Average A*-B Grades 20170%


NCS A*-C Grades

NCS A*-C Grades 20170%

National Average A*-C Grades 20170%


% of students received an offer to study at a Russell Group University


students receiving offers to study at Oxbridge


students received an offer to study on the KPMG School Leaver Programme or the PwC Flying Start Programme

Disclaimer: All grade % stated are provisional figures which may change subject to examination queries

View students achieving top grades

Adrees Abba, A A A
Hussain Abbas, A* A A
Sumiya Abdoune, A A A
Safah Ahmed, A A* A
Maryam Ajmal, A A A
Haseeb Akhtar, A A A
Raja Ali, A* A* A
Zaeem Arshad, A A A
Zarafshan Ashraf ,A A A
Shaheer Atif, A* A* A*
Daisy Barbu, A A* A
Majida Begum, A A* A*
Naila Choudhury, A* A* A*
Tasnia Choudhury, A* A A
Azher Chowdhury, A* A A*
Muhammed Chowdhury, A A* A
Rajveer Dhanjal, A A A
Vladimar Fedosejevs, A A A*
Hau Chapman, A A* A
Ayadul Islam, A A* A
Mohammed Islam, A* A* A*
Tariq Jamal, A* A* A
Abinayah Kaneshalingam, A* A A
Sana Khaliq, A A* A
Adam Khonat, A* A A
Aaliyah Limbada, A A A*
Usman Maqbool, A* A A*
Nilofer Maricar, A A A*
Abdirahman Mohamed, A A* A
Abdulkadir Mohamed, A* A* A* A*
Abdul Mukhtar, A* A A*
Siam Murshad, A A* A B
Abdul Musaddik, A A A
Habibat Olaniyi, A A* A
Suhayl Patel, A* A* A*
Uviyen Permal, A A A* A
Huzefa Qamar, A A* A
Shah Mahfuzar Rahman, A* A A
Ashiqur Rahman, A A* A
Ayesha Rasool, A A A
Ridhwaan Rob, A A A
Mona Lisa Saha, A A A*
Saadia Sajid, A* A A
Ali Sattar, A* A* A* A*
Tafsia Shikdar, A* A* A* A* A
Sherrice Siddique, A A A
Jorabar Singh, A* A* A*
Sneha Skaria, A A* A*
Ivana Tonkova, A* A* A
Arif Uddin, A* A* A* A*
Rafi Uddin, A A A
Aarti Varsani, A A* B A
Jerusaa Vasikiran, A* A A
Dylan Vekaria, A* A* A
Subatheena Vimalanathan, A* A A A

What ingredients help our students succeed?

We see the two years of A Level study as more than just learning a syllabus.

Our aim is to support students as they investigate areas of interest, potential career paths and deeper understand of the subjects they love.

There are many ways in which we accomplish this and our approach is tailored to each individual student. Some of the key components include:

Outstanding Teachers

Our greatest asset are our highly skilled, caring and supportive teachers who believe strongly in The NCS vision and are dedicated to ensuring our students are prepared for the challenges of the 21st century. Our outstanding results could not be achieved without the high quality, personalised learning and teaching that takes place on a daily basis, not to mention the regular and scheduled intervention classes ensuring that no NCS student is left behind. A number of Oxbridge graduates on our staff provide regular preparation sessions for University applications and interviews.

Soft Skills and Industry Workshops

In today’s world it’s not enough to just have a set of amazing grades. To stand out from the crowd you need to be able to present yourself in a professional and articulate manner. We see it as vital that we develop students’ soft skills, confidence and critical thinking. To help us achieve this we work with industry partners to run workshops and masterclasses on important soft skills such as CV writing, presentation, team work and problem solving.

Emerging Talent Programme

Our students benefit immensely from our Emerging Talent Programme which has been created to give NCS students an insight into the career they have decided to pursue. It’s been designed in conjunction with industry and academic experts. The key areas it focusses on are Accountancy, Banking and Finance, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry.

Students will gain work experience amongst our pool of industry partners and receive mentoring from NCS ambassadors. Those interested in a career in medicine or dentistry will be guaranteed  experience in NHS hospitals and private practices given they have the qualifying grade profile.

In our student profiles above, you’ll notice how students speak of the programme helping to cement their choices for further study at university. Over the summer months some students have also taken part in unique all expenses paid trips. You can read reports on these experience by clicking the links below.

[Work experience in Abu Dhabi] – [Politics trip to America] – [A week shadowing a Health Minister]

World Class Lectures

The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students as part of our promise to provide students with a holistic and well-rounded education. Our students are routinely exposed to the latest thinking and discourse from a range of different areas, ranging from political philosophy to science of the brain. Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons, giving them a depth and breadth of knowledge beyond A level studies.

Technology for Learning

Every student at The NCS receives an iPad as a core tool to aid their learning. With each device comes the majority of study textbooks, full course outlines, documents and tasks set for lessons and for further study. Students are able to interact with their live lessons to ensure that their learning is personalised to them, gaining the most from their teachers.

You can watch a video about our use of technology and hear the students talking about their experiences by clicking the button below.

Support Beyond The NCS

Our first cohort left The NCS a year ago, but the support students get from us doesn’t necessarily end when they go to university. Our doors are always open to our alumni and in the past year we’ve continued to provide help and advice.

We caught up with two former students and wanted to share their continuing story with you. Keep scrolling to watch their videos.

Where can The NCS take you after A Levels?

Zereena achieved A / A / A grades at A Level. She is now studying English at Oxford University. In this video she talks about her new studies, how The NCS helped her and delivers a message to anyone who dreams of following her to Oxbridge.
Umar achieved A* / A / A grades at A Level. He now studies medicine at Newcastle University. In this video he talks about how his life has changed since leaving The NCS and how the skills he developed have proven useful at university.