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“We inspire students and staff to do what inspires them; empowering all to make a positive and lasting contribution to society.”


Our aim at the NCS is clear and specific;

To provide outstanding A Level education and examination results for able local students to enable them to progress to the best and most competitive universities, including Oxford and Cambridge and other prestigious universities world wide.

We opened in September 2014 and are based in stunning Grade 2 listed buildings in East Ham with excellent resources to support outstanding A Level teaching and learning, and most importantly, expert teachers who will help you get the best possible A Level results.

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Working in partnership with Newham Council, the NCS is the academic A Level centre for a group of Newham Schools – Cumberland, Kingsford, Lister, Little Ilford, Plashet, Rokeby, Royal Docks, Sarah Bonnell and Stratford School Academy. We also warmly welcome applications from many other secondary schools either in the borough or from other areas.

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Monalisa studying in an NCS maths lesson

Meet our students

Our first cohort of students and those who have joined this year are already seeing the immense benefits of choosing the NCS. We get incredible feedback from those students who’ve chosen the NCS as the place to study for their A Levels. Here’s just some of what they have to say:

“The NCS evokes a compelling ethos in which we as young adults can thrive.” 

“With outstanding teachers, tailored enrichment opportunities and the best possible facilities at our disposal, The NCS provides the ideal learning environment without a doubt.”

“I came to The NCS and the atmosphere is so good. As a student you don’t just want your grades to be amazing, you want to be a well rounded individual and I like the fact NCS puts emphasis on that and helps you achieve it.”

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Meet our students
Ms Sixsmith teaching

Leading teaching professionals

Our greatest asset is our highly qualified, talented and dedicated teachers who are experts in their field with a fantastic track record of academic excellence and success at A Level.

We pride ourselves on planning challenging, innovative and dynamic lessons that ensure our students make exceptional progress during their time at the NCS. Moreover, we know that outstanding A level results and a good University degree are no longer enough to cope with the demands of the 21st Century. This is why through our lessons and our broader curriculum, our teachers develop in our students the ability to seek out new opportunities, think creatively and successfully adapt to and conquer changing environments and challenges. Our outstanding first set of AS results are testimony to the commitment, expertise and teaching of our staff.

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NCS Ambassador Linos advises students on studying in the USA

NCS Ambassadors

Our commitment to helping you gain the best placements, positions and futures has led to the establishment of the NCS Ambassadors Network.

These successful young people have all previously been in your position and made the most of the opportunities presented to them. They are all from East London and have all been previously supported and guided by the same staff that teach and shape the learning experience at The NCS. Their successes in their studies and subsequent careers has led them to want to give back to the communities that they grew up in; providing guidance and mentoring to those young adults making the same choices they once did.

Expect real world advice from those who are successfully living their dreams; from how to handle applications and entrance interviews, to studying and living abroad, to guiding you in choices that you can make now to aid your long term career.

Meet our ambassadors

Sir Vince Cable visits The NCS to deliver a student lecture

Sir Vince Cable visits The NCS - Quote

Sir Vince Cable recently visited students who study politics, history and economics at The NCS to deliver a speech discussing his life as an economist & politician, what happened with the 2008 financial crash and the work he undertook as a member of the cabinet in the 2010-15 coalition government to stabilise our economy.

After his speech he spent close to an hour speaking with students in the hall, answering their questions on subjects as varied as the Syrian air strikes, the future of the Liberal Democrats and just how stable the global financial markets are in their current state.

Sir Vince’s visit was very well received: thoroughly enjoyed by all and prompting lots of follow-up discussions. It was a pleasure to host such an important political figure here at The NCS.

``Cable enlightened my perspective on the world of economics and politics alike; especially how such intertwined and complex subjects influence our daily lives; on a local and global scale.`` - Mark (Year 13)
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What are current leaders saying about The NCS? 

Learning at The NCS

Learning in EnglishThe NCS offers an A Level curriculum in the core and facilitating subjects recommended by leading universities. We currently provide courses in Maths, Further Maths, English (Lit), Economics, Geography, History, Psychology, Religious Studies, Government & Politics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. You can find out more details about these courses along with advice on how to choose your A-Level subjects on our curriculum page.

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Your A Level studies are extremely important, but there is more to studying these at The NCS. We also offer exciting opportunities for learning beyond A Level and to prepare you for University and high-profile companies. 

In our first year, The NCS facilitated:


Over 30 NCS organised Work Placements

The NCS provides work placements with some of the leading companies in the UK due to the extensive contact list we have.  We guarantee our prospective medicine students (providing they have the grade profile) a work placement either shadowing consultants at leading London Hospitals or in GP surgeries in the local area.  We have arranged for our budding lawyers to spend time shadowing some of the leading barristers in the country as well as work on many cutting edge commercial and corporate deals in ‘magic/silver circle’ law firms.  However, our reach does not stop here, we have successfully arranged for many of our students to be given work related experiences in many fields fulfilling our commitment to them when they joined us.


Over 35 Soft Skills & Industry workshops

Attaining outstanding A levels is no longer enough and it’s important that students develop and enhance their personal, ‘soft’ skills to give them a competitive advantage when it comes to interviews or public speaking.  Our soft skills programme is designed in conjunction with, and delivered by high profile companies from a wide range of industry sectors.

We also believe that our students can be taught industry specific concepts and ideas well before they join their chosen profession.  NCS students routinely have an opportunity to hear from experts in their field and grapple with some of the ‘big ideas’ well before it’s expected of them.


Over 17 Educational Trips

There are many educational trips during the course of the academic year which enhance the learning experience for our students.  Our History and Politics students have had an opportunity to visit the European Parliament in Brussels as guests of Seb Dance MEP.  Our science students have worked on a unique UK-Japan Science project which involved meeting and working with Japanese students at Cambridge University and then spending two weeks in Japan collaborating with world renowned scientist, presenting their findings to a panel of esteemed academics at Kyoto University.  Please take some time to look at our ‘Opportunity Time line’ to get a flavour of the many educational trips that have taken place.


Introducing The NCS Super Curriculum

Our Super Curriculum has been designed to allow our students to become deep thinkers, critical enquirers and intellectual risk takers. The super curriculum comprises of our own U-Study programme, the NCS lecture series and NCS facilitated master classes.

Discover the NCS Super Curriculum
emerging talents

Preparing your future career

We have our own Emerging Talent programmes to help you gain entry to careers such as Accountancy, Banking & Finance, Law, Engineering, Medicine and Dentistry. We develop your personal confidence and leadership through our various skills development programmes, and provide in-house training on entrance examinations such as the BMAT/UKCAT.

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External Inspector judges The NCS to be ‘Outstanding’ in all categories!

UCL Partnership

The NCS is delighted to enjoy a Strategic Partnership with UCL, one of the world’s leading universities. The Partnership, which was established in 2014 just after the NCS opened, has already brought immense benefits to both students and staff at the NCS.

Discover more about our UCL partnership

NCS Lecture Programme

The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students. Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons.

See who's speaking at The NCS

The students view of the lectures that they’ve received:

An engaging, motivating and inspirational speech from a strong, independent leader.
It was a pleasure to meet a high profile politician who enabled me to widen my knowledge in this subject area.
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One year in…

We are delighted to report that our first cohort of NCS students have achieved outstanding results in their AS exams, a headline figure of 65% A/B grades (National Average 40%) and 85% A/C* (National Average 60%), validating the ‘Outstanding’ judgment reached by an independent external inspector commissioned by the NCS.

This is now an excellent springboard for our students to go on to achieve even better A2 results next year. From our experience working in outstanding Sixth Forms we have found there is usually a significant improvement in grades from AS to A2. With this in mind our AS results give our students an excellent foundation to secure some of the best A Level results nationally next summer and we can now look forward to achieving 85+% A*/B grades at A2 (National Average 53%) and over 95% A*/C grades at A2 (National Average 77%).

AS Grade A/B % – The NCS Vs. National Average

The NCS0%

National Average0%

*Provisional figures which may change subject to examination queries.

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A wealth of opportunities!

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Recent news from The NCS

  • Shami Chakrabarti visits The NCS to meet and talk with students

    On Monday 1st February 2016 we were honoured to host Shami Chakrabarti, who spent an hour with students talking about her work supporting and defending human rights as the Director of Liberty, the British civil liberties organisation. A Barrister by background, she was called to the Bar in 1994 and worked as a lawyer in the Home Office from 1996 until 2001 for Governments of both persuasions. After joining Liberty in 2001, she became heavily involved in its engagement with the ‘War on Terror’ and with the defence and promotion of human rights values in Parliament, the Courts and wider society. Since becoming Liberty’s Director in 2003, she has written and spoken widely on the importance of the post-WW2 human rights framework as an essential component of a free and democratic society....

  • The Sixth Voice – Issue 1 – NCS Student Newspaper

    The very first issue of our student newspaper THE SIXTH VOICE is now available to download for free. Click the image below to access the pdf version of the paper....

  • Applying to the NCS – Top Tips!

    It’s important to remember that applying to any Sixth Form is a competitive process and even more so when you apply to the NCS. Following the advice and guidance below will enhance your application and give you a greater chance of success. We’ll be welcoming......

  • Sir Vince Cable delivers a lecture to NCS students (video)

    On Wednesday 9th December, The NCS was lucky enough to host our latest guest speaker: The Rt. Hon. Sir Vincent Cable. Sir Vince has had a long and varied career; firstly in economics where he rose to become Chief Economist at Shell and later in politics. In 2010 he entered the cabinet as Business Secretary for the newly formed coalition government and as such Sir Vince is the first former Secretary of State we have had visiting our college. ...

  • Aspiring accountants from Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre win ICAEW BASE London Regional heats

    On Monday the 7th of December six Year 12 students represented Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre (The NCS) in the annual Business, Accounting and Skills Education (BASE) Competition. The prestigious competition is hosted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) in Moorgate. A unique and exciting experience, students competed against 13 other London schools and were able to engage in a challenging business case study that enabled them to develop key employability skills and understand what it’s like to be an ICAEW Chartered Accountant....

  • External Inspector judges NCS to be ‘Outstanding’ in all categories!

    Following a comprehensive two day external review, the NCS was judged to be ‘Outstanding’ in all four categories that were considered by a visiting independent inspector....