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Newham Collegiate Sixth Form Centre

Watch the video above to learn more about our lecture programme.

The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students.

Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons.

Subjects covered by our guests to date include:

The importance of politics. Understanding the economics of an EU exit. Antibiotic resistance. Careers in journalism. Researching Alzheimers disease. The maths of “X+Y”. Psychological research. Adventures of a TV Entomologist. Molecules and Murder! A history of World War I. The UCL Quantum physics workshop.

Everyone at The NCS would like to thank all who’ve given their time to meet and talk to our students.

Confirmed speakers for 2017


Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Nobel Prize for Chemistry winner & President of the Royal Society

John Bercow

John Simon Bercow is a British politician who has been the Speaker of the House of Commons since June 2009.

Ben Page

Chief Executive of Ipsos MORI

Sir Nicholas Soames

Conservative MP for Mid Sussex. He is a grandson of Sir Winston Churchill.

Nessa Carey

Author of The Epigenetics Revolution and Junk DNA, former Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology at Imperial College London

…and many more to be announced soon!

“There’s never been a more challenging or interesting time to be studying Economics. It’s up to you to take the economy and move it forward.”

– Lord King speaking at The NCS

Introducing The NCS Lectures Podcast

Where possible, we provide full video and audio podcasts of lectures that take place at The NCS. These are available on iTunes via the links below or on our YouTube channel.

Video podcast

If you’d like to access the video podcast, please follow the link below. Please note: video files can be quite large – an average lecture will be around 300MB. Access on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/ncs-lectures-video/id949409891?mt=2

Audio podcast

If you’d like to experience our lecture series without downloading huge video files, then we’re proud to present an audio only version. Click the link below to access. Access on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/lectures-audio/id949420646?mt=2

You Tube

You can also stream each lecture on this You Tube playlist – http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYt7To2_RwyxaUIHlg0S_vobozqqE_FYv

“What is important is that you see the relevances of science in the compass of your knowledge. That, to my mind, is vital.”

– Lord Robert Winston speaking at The NCS


Over 37 World class academic lectures delivered in our first two years

Previous lectures

  • NCS students were excited to welcome Professor Nessa Carey - one of the leading researchers and authors in the field - to The NCS to deliver a lecture on her discoveries....

  • It’s not every day that you get to meet a Nobel Prize winner, let alone spend an hour in the company of one. It was therefore a real privilege for us to welcome Professor Venki Ramakrishnan to The NCS on 17th March 2017 to meet and deliver a lecture to our science students....

  • NCS students and staff had the privilege of meeting Harvard academic Professor Michael Sandel, who is recognised as one of the great thinkers of our time. His online Harvard course Justice and his book What Money Can’t Buy: The Moral Limits of Markets has captivated audiences across the globe. “Justice” was the first Harvard course to be made freely available online and on television and has been viewed tens of millions of times, which led him to be named “most influential foreign figure of the year” by China Newsweek....

  • ...

  • What does it take to be the founder of a startup company? And why would you want to be one to begin with? These were two important questions answered by Alice Bentinck MBE who visited NCS students on November 2nd 2016. ...

  • The NCS was recently privileged to welcome Anthony Thompson, entrepreneur and founder of Metro Bank. He visited to speak to our Economic students about his experiences in the sector as part of our unrivalled Lecture Programme. During his talk he described his ethics and how they led to the formation of Metro Bank when married with him looking at market data....

  • The NCS were extremely privileged to welcome Lord Robert Winston as part of our unrivalled Lecture Programme. Most of you will recognise Lord Winston from his work on TV. He produces and presents documentaries on the human science for the BBC; most notably following a group of millennial babies throughout their lives in “Child of our Time” and the Bafta winning “The Human Body”. However his career as a scientist is also one of distinction as the pioneer of what we now know as IVF fertility treatment....

  • Former Labour leader Ed Miliband recently spent an afternoon at The NCS with our a level students to discuss his career, politics and current issues....

  • Land Speed record holder Andy Green visited students at The NCS to discuss the science and maths behind building a car that travels at the speed of sound as well as his new project Bloodhound SSC which is aiming to travel at 1000mph....

  • Hussain is a 24 year old from East Ham who in 2018 will become the first British Muslim to go into Space – his prize for winning the global One Young World summit. In this talk he discusses his journey from working on the Olympic Torch relay, to climbing Kilimanjaro & finding himself caught in the world of celebrity after launching a YouTube channel. Hussain aims to highlight mental health and wellbeing through his work and also to inspire others to make the most of opportunities and give back no matter where your journey may take you. We look forward to welcoming Hussain back to The NCS in the future....

  • UCL’s Dr Greg Campbell lectures on the Brain at The NCS. Apologies for the poor audio quality in this video. We’ve worked to make it as clear as possible and hopefully this will serve as a great reminder for students who were present....

  • On Monday 1st February 2016 we were honoured to host Shami Chakrabarti, who spent an hour with students talking about her work supporting and defending human rights as the Director of Liberty, the British civil liberties organisation. A Barrister by background, she was called to the Bar in 1994 and worked as a lawyer in the Home Office from 1996 until 2001 for Governments of both persuasions. After joining Liberty in 2001, she became heavily involved in its engagement with the ‘War on Terror’ and with the defence and promotion of human rights values in Parliament, the Courts and wider society. Since becoming Liberty’s Director in 2003, she has written and spoken widely on the importance of the post-WW2 human rights framework as an essential component of a free and democratic society....

  • ...

  • On Wednesday 9th December, The NCS was lucky enough to host our latest guest speaker: The Rt. Hon. Sir Vincent Cable. Sir Vince has had a long and varied career; firstly in economics where he rose to become Chief Economist at Shell and later in politics. In 2010 he entered the cabinet as Business Secretary for the newly formed coalition government and as such Sir Vince is the first former Secretary of State we have had visiting our college. ...

  • On Monday 16th November 2015, acclaimed science and maths author Simon Singh visited students at The NCS to deliver a talk based on his interests and works. After working on experiments at CERN during the 1980s, Mr Singh moved into television and worked at the BBC on programmes such as Tomorrow’s World and Horizon. In 1996 he directed a documentary on Fermat’s Last Theorem which went on to win a BAFTA award. ...

  • On Wednesday 14th October, British economist Jonathan Portes delivered a lecture to NCS students on the economics of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union. Since joining HM Treasury in 1987, Mr Portes has held various positions in the civil service and the private sector. He was Chief Economist at the Department for Work and Pensions and Chief Economist at the Cabinet Office before becoming the director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research (NIESR) in February 2011. Now a Principal Research Fellow at the NIESR, he also writes about the economic climate for numerous publications....

  • Towards the end of the school year we had Lee Zhao visit the school to give us an insider of the different things that went on when filming ‘A Brilliant Young Mind’, the film is also known as ‘X + Y’. He started off the......

  • Lord Mervyn King – Former Governor of the Bank of England – recently visited The NCS to talk about the three most important issues facing the World economy at the moment. This was an extremely special day for NCS students; Lord King remains one of......

  • On Thursday Dr Natalie Quinn visited the NCS. Dr Quinn teaches Microeconomics, Quantitative Economics and Economics of Developing Countries at St John’s College in the University of Oxford. She does research on theoretical and applied aspects of the evaluation of poverty and wellbeing in developing......

  • On Wednesday Dr Ben Collen from UCL delivered a lecture on Wildlife in a Changing World. Dr Collen completed his BSc and PhD at Imperial College London. He is now a lecturer at the Centre for Biodiversity & Environment Research at UCL and is an......

  • UCL’s Dr Adam Roberts delivers a lecture on the issues surrounding Antibiotic Resistance to students at The NCS. Our students have become the first to take part in a swab and send scheme run by Dr Roberts and were given kits after the talk. Adam......

“My one piece of advice would be, follow your dreams. Follow your ambitions, follow your dreams. Don’t let people say that because you didn’t go a private school, because of the background that you’ve come from that you can’t achieve them.”

– Ed Miliband MP speaking at The NCS

The student’s view on the lectures they have received

An engaging, motivating and inspirational speech from a strong, independent leader.
It was a pleasure to meet a high profile politician who enabled me to widen my knowledge in this subject area.
Highly insightful lecture discussing a current economic yet political topic
An inspirational and intellectually stimulating experience

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