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The NCS is privileged to be able to welcome high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences with NCS students.

Our lecture programme has been designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our students with an alternative perspective to some of the material they have been exposed to during their lessons.

Subjects covered by our guests to date include:

The importance of politics. Understanding the economics of an EU exit. Antibiotic resistance. Careers in journalism. Researching Alzheimers disease. The maths of “X+Y”. Psychological research. Adventures of a TV Entomologist. Molecules and Murder! A history of World War I. The UCL Quantum physics workshop.

Everyone at The NCS would like to thank all who’ve given their time to meet and talk to our students. You can discover more and watch a selection of these lectures below.

Confirmed speakers for 2018/9


Bobby Seagull

University Challenge star, maths teacher and ambassador for National Numeracy. He is currently fronting a money management course with the Open University.

Helen O'Hara

Journalist and editor-at-large for Empire Magazine

…and more high profile names to be announced soon!

“My one piece of advice would be, follow your dreams. Follow your ambitions, follow your dreams. Don’t let people say that because you didn’t go a private school, because of the background that you’ve come from that you can’t achieve them.”

– Ed Miliband MP speaking at The NCS

The student’s view on the lectures they have received

An engaging, motivating and inspirational speech from a strong, independent leader.
It was a pleasure to meet a high profile politician who enabled me to widen my knowledge in this subject area.
Highly insightful lecture discussing a current economic yet political topic
An inspirational and intellectually stimulating experience

“What is important is that you see the relevances of science in the compass of your knowledge. That, to my mind, is vital.”

– Lord Robert Winston speaking at The NCS


Over 90 world class academic lectures delivered to date

Introducing The NCS Lectures Podcast

Where possible, we provide full video and audio podcasts of lectures that take place at The NCS. These are available on iTunes via the links below or on our YouTube channel.

Video podcast

If you’d like to access the video podcast, please follow the link below. Please note: video files can be quite large – an average lecture will be around 300MB. Access on iTunes:

Audio podcast

If you’d like to experience our lecture series without downloading huge video files, then we’re proud to present an audio only version. Click the link below to access. Access on iTunes:

You Tube

You can also stream each lecture on this You Tube playlist –

“There’s never been a more challenging or interesting time to be studying Economics. It’s up to you to take the economy and move it forward.”

– Lord King speaking at The NCS

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