Meet Our Students

Many talented students from all over East London have joined us this year because they believe like us that education should be more than just about getting outstanding results and progressing on to a competitive university; it is about changing lives.They too share the ideal that irrespective of their background they can go on to be the pioneers in their chosen profession and future leaders of society.

These like-minded scholars have entrusted us with their futures because they have seen first-hand the quality of our provision, the outstanding academic and non-academic enrichment opportunities we provide, our ambition to achieve at the very highest levels and the warm, friendly and supportive culture that pervades the NCS.

Our students are our greatest ambassadors, hear what some of them have to say about their experience of the NCS to date by watching the video profiles below.

Subatheena (Year 13)

(Previous school: Woodford County)

Subatheena has joined us from Woodford County High School where she achieved 8 A* and 3 A grades at GCSE. From a young age she’s been attracted to the wonders of science and the role it plays in the world. Her dream is to work in the healthcare sector where she hopes to use technology to improve people’s lives.

``The NCS is really modern in terms of the technology within classes. We have iPads that we use in every lesson and all our lessons are on there, so if you miss a lesson you can catch up really quickly. For maths each teacher posts a video based on what we’re doing so we can go home and look at those videos.``
Monalisa (Year 13)

(Previous school: Little Ilford)

Monalisa has joined The NCS from Little Ilford where she achieved 12 A* and 2 A grades at GCSE. Her passion is literature and it’s an interest that she’s already using to influence the world around her having won the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge for Newham and been invited to deliver a prestigious TED Talk on the subject of “Superheroes”.

``I came to The NCS and the atmosphere is so good. As a student you don’t just want your grades to be amazing, you want to be a well rounded individual and I like the fact NCS puts emphasis on that and helps you achieve it.``
Chapman (Year 13)

(Previous school: Barking Abbey)

Chapman joins us from Barking Abbey School where he achieved GCSE results of 13 A* and 1 A. He has a wide interest in chemistry and regularly spends time reading articles on recent discoveries in the field. He hopes to research chemistry at university and eventually work in the oil industry.

“The teachers here are outstanding, insightful, supportive and excellent in their subjects. This means that they’re the best people to equip students with the ability to achieve and go far. It’s also really inspiring to be in their lessons, the teachers are so passionate about their subjects it really is a privilege to be taught by them.”
Saadia (Year 13)

(Previous school: Plashet)

Saadia has joined us from Plashet school where she achieved 8 A*/As and 2 B grades in her GCSE examinations. She has developed a passion for debating which is a skill she wants to take forward with a career in law as a barrister or working as a member of parliament. In the past year she’s been involved in the General Election campaign and also spent time working on Sadiq Khan’s successful campaign to be the labour candidate in the London Mayoral Elections. Since joining The NCS in September Saadia has been elected Newham’s Member of Youth Parliament and recently attended her first session in the House of Commons chamber.

``What’s special about The NCS is the extra-curricular touch that it has. From the Super Curriculum to various politicians coming in to speak at The NCS as part of the lecture programme which I think is extremely inspiring. Also opportunities such as the Bar Mock Trial will give me an edge when it comes to applying to universities.``
Haseeb (Year 13)

(Previous school: Kingsford)

Haseeb has joinned us from Kingsford Community School where he achieved 11 A*, 1 A and 1 B in his GCSE exams. His main aspiration is to study medicine and become a doctor.

``The most unique thing about The NCS is the academic buzz that you feel around here. It’s palpable, you can feel it here. Every corridor you walk in there’s a conversation thats about something interesting or something academic and you don’t get that at any other institution. It’s amazing!``
Sinthuja (Year 13)

(Previous school: Plashet)

Sinthuja has joined us from Plashet School where she achieved 7 A* and 3 A grades for her GCSE exams. She wants to work in medicine and has spent a large amount of time working in the local community as part of the Newham Youth Council, focussing on projects surrounding health.

“One of the highlights of NCS is the students that work here. We are all motivated by what we want to do in the future, for me that’s medicine, for someone else that may be politics, but we are all work driven and we all want to get the place that we want to be at.”
Sherrice (Year 13)

(Previous school: Sarah Bonnell)

Sherrice joins us from Sarah Bonnell school where she achieved 5 A*, 5 A and 1 B for her GCSEs. She wants to study medicine and aims to leave a lasting contribution in the areas she works in. In her first term at The NCS she’s joined our student medicine society and has already started work experience placements in hospitals which we’ve facilitated.

“The teaching environment is great here. The students and teachers thrive off each other. There’s a mutual love for the subjects you study both from the teachers and the students. It combines to make a really positive and successful learning environment”

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