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Where can The NCS take you after A Levels finish?

We catch up with students who attended at The NCS to share the stories of their continuing studies at University.

On this page you can also meet some of our NCS Alumni who reflect on their time with us and discuss the ways in which The NCS enriched their lives.

Tafsia joined us from Sarah Bonnell and achieved A* / A* / A* / A* / A at A Level. She now studies Mathematics at MIT in America – recently rated the best university in the world. In our catchup she talks about settling into her new life and how she still comes across elements of math that her teachers taught her at The NCS.
Abdulkadir joined us from Langdon and achieved A* / A* / A* / A* grades at A Level. He now studies Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge. In this video he talks about how The NCS gave him the support and confidence to apply to Cambridge, and how he’s now studying some of the higher reading articles his NCS teachers gave him to look over during his A Levels.
Zereena achieved A / A / A grades at A Level. She is now studying English at Oxford University. In this video she talks about her new studies, how The NCS helped her and delivers a message to anyone who dreams of following her to Oxbridge.
Umar achieved A* / A / A grades at A Level. He now studies medicine at Newcastle University. In this video he talks about how his life has changed since leaving The NCS and how the skills he developed have proven useful at university.

(Previous school: Lister)

Daniella joined us from Lister with GCSE results of 2 A* / 8 A / 2 B / 1 C. On the day she enrolled she told us that her dream was to work for KPMG. With help and support from NCS teachers she gained confidence and earned herself four A grades at AS level. With mentoring from NCS Ambassador Adam Bharucha who works for KPMG, Daniella celebrated and accepted an offer to join KPMG on their school leavers programme. This prestigious scheme will see her mix University studies with vocational work for the company, with all fees and accommodation paid for and a wage of £21k. As she herself says, “this is the place that helped me to achieve my dreams.”

“Since Year 10 I’ve always known that I wanted to work for KPMG, that was my one and only goal. Having attained it, it still feels kind of unreal. Out of tens of thousands of applicants (for the school leaver programme) only around 90 people get a place. This is the place where my dreams really started and this is the place that helped me to achieve those dreams.“

(Previous school: Little Ilford)

Amna joined us from Little Ilford School with an impressive set of GCSE results clear in her mind that she wanted to study medicine at a Russell Group university. Amna has been one of the shining star of our Year 13 cohort not only excelling at her own studies but more importantly being a pillar of support for other students in the year group. It is her desire to want for others just as much as she wants for herself which makes Amna stand out from an impressive crowd. Amna achieved A* A* A* A at A Level and has accepted a place at UCL to study medicine and fulfil her dream of becoming a world renowned surgeon, and as we bid farewell to her we will continue to track her progress with interest.

“My biggest challenge was taking on the University applications. We got a lot of support from the teachers at The NCS, especially with the maths and science elements of it as well as the essay writing.”

(Previous school: Little Ilford)

Bilal joined us from Little Ilford School where he demonstrated a natural flair for his science subjects and excelled at GCSE securing 8A* and 3A grades. Since coming to The NCS Bilal has thrown himself into his studies scoring extremely high marks as well as participating fully in the wider life of the Sixth Form. Bilal’s aspiration is to study medicine and become a Doctor and having secured 3A* at A level we can confidently say he is well on his way to achieving his dreams.

“NCS has helped me understand I should stand out for myself and be more confident. NCS didn’t just help me grow academically, it helped me grow as a person.”

(Previous school: Plashet)

Jeba joined us from Plashet School having achieved a fantastic set of GCSE results. Jeba a deep thinker, a keen problem solver and a fearless learner. Jeba has a natural talent and flair for both economics and mathematics and this was recognised early on by her teachers. Jeba has achieved significant amounts during her time at The NCS working extremely hard over the two years. She has been rewarded for her efforts by achieving A*A*A* at A level and is currently studying Economics at LSE.

“The help is really individual. The help that I get from my teachers is completely different to what my partner would get. We’ve had things like the Super Curriculum where we’ve talked about classical civilisations. I’ve been able to bring that in to show that I’ve a wider general knowledge and that’s helped me get the University place that I have.”

(Previous school: Sarah Bonnell)

Samiya joined us from Sarah Bonnell having secured an impressive set of GCSE results. She indicated early on that she wanted to become a lawyer in the future and our Emerging Talent Programme has supported her with fulfilling this ambition. Samiya has had work experience at some of the most high profile companies in the UK, spending time in Abu Dhabi with White & Case LLP gaining international commercial experience. Samiya has also spent time with 25 Bedford Row Chambers, one of the country’s leading criminal set chambers working or murder and terrorism cases. Samiya was also the NCS’s first Head Girl and has left an indelible mark on the fabric of the NCS and continues to support our work. Samiya attained AAA at A level and will study at the LSE.

“The NCS has a really good lecture programme and in my personal statement I remember that I used a quote that Owen Jones mentioned in his speech when he visited. It made me feel really unique because I knew he hadn’t said that speech anywhere else. It was a unique part of Owen Jones that I had in my application that highlighted me as a candidate.”

(Previous school: Lister)

Aashna joined us from Lister Community School having secured 11A* in her GCSE subjects. After a short stint at a local grammar school Aashna decided to take a leap of faith and join The NCS and has not looked back. A voracious reader and deep thinker she managed to score full marks in her English examinations. Aashna achieved A*A*B in A levels and is now studying at a Russell Group University.

“The Emerging Talent Programme is an innovation that definitely helps further our ambition to get into our chosen field. I did the science programme and that catered to my need of helping me decide if I’d be better in a research or practical environment.”

(Previous school: Plashet)

Tayyiba joined The NCS from Plashet school having secured 10A* and 1A. Her dream was to study dentistry at King’s College London or QMW. We quickly recognised her ability and provided her with help and assistance from a NCS Ambassador,himself is a dental student. Tayyiba had the opportunity to participate in a NCS organised work placement at a private dental practice as well as receive help and assistance with her UCAS personal statement and interview preparation from experts in the field. We are proud to say that Tayibba had offers from all the major dental schools in the country and has chosen to study at QMW.

“In the summer I got to complete one week work experience at a private dental practice which was amazing, particularly because in dentistry work experience is particularly hard to gain.”

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