Technology for Learning

At the NCS we have fully embraced technology and give all of our students and staff access to an iPad as our learning device of choice. Taking this step has transformed the way lessons are taught, assessed and feedback is given. Students now have access to all their course material, relevant books and wider resources in one place. The opportunity to use iTunes U to watch lectures and presentations by eminent academics from universities around the world has enhanced the learning experience and supported our taught A level study and contributed to our super curriculum programme.

Technology also allows our students to develop their independent skills and be better prepared to excel at University and beyond. With technology permeating all aspects of Sixth Form life students are able to carry out research, prepare presentations and watch lectures on a forthcoming topic so they are taking the lead on learning. Learning and teaching at the NCS is seen as a collaborative process where our teachers and students co-construct their learning together to accelerate progress and development.

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